“The workshops and assembly were fantastic. All the teachers were so pleased with the children's responses and the way Andy interacted with them. The children are now completing work based on the story telling Andy did today as they were so enthusiastic  about what they had learnt.” Rebecca, Deputy Head - Clare’s Primary, Clacton-on-Sea

“Thank-you so much Andy,the children loved their special end of year story-telling treat with you. Will highly recommend you and your bears to my other school friends.” Lindsay Murray, Early Years Teacher - Hackbridge Primary

“It was great working with Andy. He ran a variety of storyteller events with lots of different groups of children and told some great tales which the children really enjoyed. He remained enthusiastic and engaging and was always willing to go the extra mile to deliver storytelling sessions that suited the needs of the National Literacy Trust. Andy was also always happy to adapt his sessions for different schools and different styles of events depending on the needs of a particular school. We look forward to working with Andy again in the future.” Lizzie Jones, National Literacy Trust

"Andy's storytelling was engaging and fun. He is extremely passionate about his work and had clearly carried out extensive research around the stories that we had requested which meant that he was able to add plenty of extra dimensions, making the experience fully interactive with a variety of props and instruments. His calm and encouraging manner with the children meant that they were on board with the story at all times, knowing that they could all join in at their own level. I would fully recommend Andy and we are looking forward to inviting him back for more storytelling very soon".
Antonia Herriett, Year 6 Teacher  / SenCo - Collingwood School, Wallington, Surrey

"I have had the pleasure of being an audience member in Andy's storytelling events and his enthusiasm, passion and penchant for storytelling knows no bounds. Touching, entertaining and memorable".
Matt, Music Composer and Filmmaker

"Working as a Parenting and Life Coach for well over a decade, my introduction to the work that Andy does has really shown me a really unique, engaging and empowering way of working with children and families. Andy has such an authentic and inspiring way of working and is highly skilled in bringing a wondrous beauty to his storytelling”.
Allen O’Donoghue, Parenting & Life Coaching Specialist

"Andy is an engaging storyteller with the ability to have you transfixed as he brings the characters and details to life with his precision and wit".
Wendy Shearer - Professional Storyteller www.storyboat.co.uk